10 Things to Do On the First Perfect Day of the Year

This list is inspired by my talented friend Courtenay Harris Bond’s 10 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep. For the record, Courtenay, my tiny home’s price tag is hovering around 75K. I get it.

I’m choosing to ignore the insidious global ramifications of 70-degree days in February for a minute to do the following:

1. Go outside with your dogs for a morning potty break and put your face in a spider web. Curse the return of the spiders.

2. Open all the curtains & blinds to get some sun in the house.

3. Eat breakfast without pants on. Remember all the curtains are open. Apply pants.

4. Promise yourself you’ll focus on work until at least noon. Work till 11:30.

5. Decide you need to get out of the house. Get in the car and put your face in a spider web. Curse the return of the spiders.

6. Go to the grocery store and buy a whole cart of fruits, veggies and things that say “organic” and “whole wheat.” Convince yourself springtime means you’ll actually drink a bottle of V8’s “healthy greens” juice.

7. Take your dogs to the lake for a long hike. Listen to this playlist on the drive.

8. Praise your Rottweiler’s trail manners immediately before she barks at (and sufficiently terrifies) a very nice man on a mountain bike.

9. Get three mosquito bites on the way back to the car. Curse the return of the mosquitos.

10. Arrive home with ideas about making dinner on the grill. Climb the porch stairs and put your face in a spider web.

11. Bonus: pour yourself a glass of “healthy greens.” Take one very gross sip, give up, eat ice cream.

Happy Spring, you guys! Go outside.


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