Day 1: What can happen in a second

Here goes! Day 1 of The 642 Project.
What can happen in a second

Doesn’t everything?
Doesn’t it all happen in a second?

When you turn the corner, and there’s the masterpiece you’ve been waiting in line for all this time. When the wheels leave the ground. When they touch back down. The first time the curtain parts. The first note of your favorite song. When you jump off the swing, and in that second of flight, you understand courage. When you lay down your first perfect bunt. When your mom says, “I have to tell you,” and the sound, God, the sound of her voice makes you sit down in the Target parking lot.

The things that overwhelm us, the good and the bad, they never take longer than a second to sweep through your whole body. There’s that second right after bad news when your stomach turns sour; that light-headed second when you hear something new and good; that breathless second the first – and fiftieth – time you witness unadulterated beauty.

The ones I like the best are the seconds of transition. I like the second when you realize you were wrong, and the one when you figure out the answer. I really like the one when you change your mind.

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