Stories About Awesome People & Things

Chasing Childhood
One family’s miraculous recovery

Claws, Paws and Helping Hands
Injured animals get another shot at life

An Enduring Spirit
How Mabel Staton outran prejudice to become a legend

Mending the Mind
When simple tasks become impossible

Combat Paper
Dissecting a uniform and memories of war

Camp No Worries
A week away; and cancer isn’t invited

Racing to Retirement
South Jersey farms give racehorses another shot at life

What Lies Beneath
The shipwrecks of South Jersey

The Murder Mystery Lunch Club
Once a month, on a Thursday, the men of the justice league meet for lunch.

Witnesses of WWII
The battles were waged by men and boys, but it was women who watched World War II unfold.

Safe and Secure
A new initiative helps the homeless maintain their health

Ninety Miles to Freedom
SJ Magazine, March 2016
A nightmare escape from Cuba in pursuit of the American Dream

Lost and Found
SJ Magazine, December 2015
Seven siblings, raised by five families, reconnect in South Jersey.

Quieting the Mind
Natural Awakenings South Jersey, November 2015
A veteran spreads the healing message of yoga

Angels in Flight
SJ Magazine, October 2015
Volunteer pilots take to the heavens to get
children to the lifesaving medical care they need.

The Little Pink Pill
SJ Magazine, September 2015 Cover Story
It’s been touted as “the female Viagra.” The media says this is the miracle women have been waiting for. Medical doctors? Well, they have a lot to say — but nobody’s mentioning a miracle.

Motherhood Behind Bars
SJ Magazine, September 2015
Moms at New Jersey’s only female prison find a way to connect with their children – through bedtime stories.

Finding Her Heroes
SJ Magazine, September 2015
Mary Previte was liberated from a Japanese concentration camp in 1945. Decades later, she tracked down the men who saved her to say thank you.

Digging for Dinosaurs
SJ Magazine, August 2015
Behind an ordinary shopping center in suburban South Jersey, paleontologists may be making the find of the millennium.

One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Palace 
SJ Magazine, July 2015
Vineland’s Palace of Depression was a long-forgotten national attraction when it was demolished in 1968. Now, Kevin Kirchner is rebuilding the weirdest house in South Jersey.

Left Underwater
SJ Magazine, July 2015
A local dive team brings closure to families searching for a loved one.

Distilling on the Delaware
SJ Magazine, June 2015
South Jersey’s first legal distillery since Prohibition is open for business in Camden.

Return to Iwo Jima 
SJ Magazine, June 2015
John Lauriello landed on the beach at Iwo Jima 70 years ago. He recently returned to the island he thought he’d never see again, this time with his son and grandson.

Distributing Dignity
SJ Magazine, May 2015
A local nonprofit collects rarely donated – but greatly needed – items, like bras and tampons, for homeless women.

She Has A Name
SJ Magazine, February 2015
On some nights in Camden, women arrested for prostitution have a choice: proceed to jail or go instead to a local nonprofit offering a warm bed, someone to talk with and the possibility of a fresh start. Believe it or not, the choice isn’t always easy.

Deciding How to Die
SJ Magazine, January 2015
The State Assembly has passed the “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act,” bringing the hot-button issue of assisted suicide to South Jersey. The arguments of advocates on both sides pose the fundamental question facing lawmakers: Do you have the right to decide how and when to die?

The Greatest Generation
SJ Magazine, January 2015
These local heroes are ready to share their funny, profound and often heartbreaking memories from the war that defined a century.

Peace Among the Pines
SJ Magazine, January 2015
Hidden behind the dense underbrush of the Pine Barrens, a little-known Zen monastery offers an escape from the modern world.

A Visit From the Dalai Lama
SJ Magazine, December 2014
The Tibetan leader draws praise and protest at Princeton University.

Mud in the Major Leagues
SJ Magazine, September 2014
The magic mud used to treat MLB baseballs is harvested right here in South Jersey.